Available in English & Espanol.

Shaolin Kung Fu Basic Skills

Shifu’s online basic skills course breaks down Shaolin Kung Fu basics so you can learn at your own speed. The movements will increase flexibility, cardiovascular & immune health, calm the mind & more. A form combining all the movements reviewed is included. Open to all levels. 

$88 per year.

Ba Duan Jin Qi Gong for Stress & Tension 

Join Shifu for Ba Duan Jin Form (Eight Section Brocade). This form helps to release stress and tension built up in the body from every day activities: pro-longed use of technology, standing, sitting, over thinking, worries, etc. Heal your senses, internal organs and calm the mind. Open to all levels.

$88 per year.

Kung Fu Shaolin habilidades básicas en Español

Intro Package: Yi Jin Jing Qi Gong and Kung Fu

Save $ 26 USD with this introductory offer which includes Shaolin Kung Fu Basic Skills & Yi Jin Jing Qi Gong for Health & Longevity. Best package for a student who wants to learn a combination of Shaolin Martial Arts and experience both courses. Open to all levels.

$150 per year.

Payment is for an annual subscription and is renewed automatically on 365-day intervals. Members can choose to change subscription settings within their PayPal account. For more details, please visit: The USA Shaolin Temple does not offer refunds on purchased courses or recurring subscription charges.