Shaolin Kung Fu Course Online

For the first time in history SiFu Shi Yan Ming teaches online and online her basic Shaolin Kung Fu course with online advice.

1st basic level in Shaolin Kung Fu

USA Shaolin Temple training method



Shi Yan Ming

ShiFu (master) Shi Yan Ming is a true Shaolin monk of the 34th generation, Abbot and Founder of the USA Shaolin Temple in New York City and the Shaolin Temple of Mexico AC

S hi Yan Ming became in 1992 the first Shaolin Monk to defect to the United States, a fact that at the time unleashed controversies and was the main topic of discussion in the media of his time. It immediately became the object of study to whom the press called the “American Shaolin” being subjected to tests on humans in various US universities documented in the television firms: Discovery Channel, National Geographic, BBC and History Channel among others.

S hi Yan Ming entered the Shaolin Temple in Henan at age 5, where he lived and trained until the year of 1992. During that time he was head of coaches, highlighting in publications that he printed the same Shaolin Temple in books and newspapers of the 80s that describe their incredible feats of internal strength until 1992, when he decided to settle in the United States to found the USA Shaolin Temple and spread the authentic Shaolin arts in the West. 10 years later, together with his first student in Mexican, he founded the Shaolin Temple of Mexico AC “The martial art of Shaolin was born in China but it belongs to the world” – SiFu Shi Yan Ming, Inside KungFu Magazine 1992.

– TIME magazine calls him “The prodigal son of Shaolin”, has been on the cover of “Inside KungFu” and “Black Belt” twice, has appeared 7 times on Discovery Channel documentaries: “Beyond Human Endurance” and “Physical Feats “. It has been studied twice by National Geographic scientists, by New York University (NYU), NBC , The Learning Channel, The US Biomedical Institute and The New York Brain Resource Center, in televised experiments that attempt to measure their strength and control of energy internal In 2005 he became the first Shaolin monk to lecture at Harvard University and train at the US Navy Academy. In 2017 he became the first Shaolin monk to speak at the United Nations.

– Some distinguished students of Shi Yan Ming are the actor Bokeem Woodbine, Wesley Snipes, Tricky, Kadeem Hardison, The WuTang Clan, Michelle Forbes, Rosie Perez, Film Director Jim Jarmusch, John Leguizamo, Björk, Beastie Boys, Pink and others .


Basic Training Program

In this basic training program SiFu Shi Yan Ming has recorded himself for the first time in his history to show what in his opinion is the most important thing that a martial artist should train. In this program SiFu shows us their basic exercises of warm-up and stretching as well as their first basic Shaolin and Initial Form.

This material represents a great opportunity for those who want to start in Shaolin Kung Fu or perfect themselves, since prior to this matter SiFu Shi Yan Ming had never allowed to be recorded training. It is an invaluable material to start or deepen the subject.

Look at what real people are saying about the courses:

For years I thought that I would have to travel to China and spend a lot of money to learn the authentic Tai Chi and Qi Gong, now thanks to this technology China came to my livingroom.

Javier Chi

The teachings of grand master Shi Yan Ming have been key in my recovery from multiple sclerosis. After three years of practice I feel as if I have never been sick of anything, great that they are now available online.

Karen Urquiza

The teachings of the grand master Ming not only brought me peace and health back, but changed my lifestyle, now I am 100% dedicated to teaching their system.

Eilyf Zermeño